Square Mile

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CompanyCIKLast UpdatedIRS Number Fiscal Year End
Square Mile Core Credit Partners II-A LLC of DELAWARE00017772922019-06-100000000001231
Square Mile OCS Co-Investment LP of DELAWARE00017696942019-03-060000000001231
Square Mile Credit Partners II REIT LLC of DELAWARE00017602942019-01-230000000001231
Square Mile GP IV (AIV) LLC of DELAWARE00017602902019-01-230000000001231
Square Mile PE GP A LLC of DELAWARE00017602872019-01-230000000001231
Square Mile PE Partners REIT LLC of DELAWARE00017602862019-01-230000000001231
Square Mile Tactical Partners II REIT LLC of DELAWARE00017602932019-01-230000000001231
Square Mile Partners V REIT LLC of DELAWARE00017602892018-11-280000000001231
Square Mile Tactical Partners REIT LLC of DELAWARE00017602912018-11-280000000001231
Square Mile Tactical Partners II LP of DELAWARE00017490032018-08-100000000001231
Square Mile Credit Partners II-A LP of DELAWARE00017451202018-07-020000000001231
Square Mile Credit Partners II LP of DELAWARE00017288622018-01-220000000001231
Square Mile Tactical Partners II-A LP of DELAWARE00017252342018-01-110000000001231
Square Mile Partners V LP of DELAWARE00016788232017-10-180000000001231
Square Mile Partners V-A LP of DELAWARE00016787762017-10-180000000001231
Square Mile WL Portfolio Co-Investment LP of DELAWARE00016862902016-10-130000000001231
Square Mile Credit Partners Offshore LP of DELAWARE00016744232016-05-180000000001231
Square Mile Credit Partners REIT LLC of DELAWARE00016665422016-02-100000000001231
Square Mile Core Credit Partners REIT Inc. of DELAWARE00016315152015-02-060000000001231
Square Mile Tactical Partners LP of DELAWARE00016247562014-11-190000000001231
Square Mile Partners IV Offshore LP of DELAWARE00016221832014-10-150000000001231
Square Mile Partners IV-B LP of DELAWARE00016221842014-10-150000000001231
Square Mile Credit Partners LP of DELAWARE00016054262014-06-230000000001231
Square Mile Partners IV REIT (AIV) Inc. of DELAWARE00015968282014-01-163717108301231
Square Mile Partners IV REIT Inc. of DELAWARE00015968312014-01-169009625771231
Square Mile Partners IV LP of DELAWARE00015660962013-01-070000000001231
Square Mile Partners IV TE LP of DELAWARE00015661072013-01-070000000001231
Square Mile Partners IV-A LP of DELAWARE00015661062013-01-070000000001231
Square Mile Partners III Reit Inc of DELAWARE00014515892008-12-10000000000
SQUARE MILE PARTNERS III LP of DELAWARE00014330792008-04-23000000000
SQUARE MILE PARTNERS III TE LP of DELAWARE00014330782008-04-23000000000
Square Mile Partners II REIT Inc of DELAWARE00014073312007-07-20000000000
SQUARE MILE PARTNERS II L P00013893802007-02-09000000000
SQUARE MILE PARTNERS II TE L P00013893812007-02-09000000000
SQUARE MILE PARTNERS L P00013716342006-08-04000000000

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DUNSCompanyDate Added
080583428 Square Mile Systems LLC2019-02-26
148827780SQUARE MILE STUDIO INC2005-08-03

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