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X-17A-5 [Paper] - FOCUS Report

Published: 2013-04-03 11:59:25
Submitted: 2013-03-01
Period Ending In: 2012-12-31
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                                                                                                  II JI        llO   llO     HI IH          IH   II
                                                                                                                                                                             0MB APPROVAL
                    ND    EXCHIIECOISSION
       SECURITIES                                        SECURITIESANI                                         13030599                                            0MB Number                      3235-01    23

                                                                             Washingronu..uw                                                                       Expires                  April    30     2013

                                                                                                                                                                   Estimated         average       burden

                    MAR              2013
                                                          ANNU                            UDI            ED REP                           RT                       hours     per response                 12.00

                                      W1PREtS                                FORM               X-17A-5
                                                                                                                                                                                     SEC    FILE    NUMBEft4-

                                                                                FACING PAGE
                    Information              Required           of Brokers                and Dealers Pursuant                                    to     Section        17    of the

                                     Securities      Exchange                Act of 1934 and Rule                                   17a-5        Thereunder

REPORT FOR THE PERIOD BEGINNING110112012                                                                                       AND ENDING
                                                                                       MM/DD/YY                                                                              MM/DD/YY

                                                          REGISTRANT IDENTIFICATION

NAME      OF BROKER-DEALER                                                                                                                                                   OFFICIAL       USE ONLY
                                                   SIG        BROKERAGE                         LP

ADDRESS        OF PRINCIPAL PLACE OF BUSINESS                                        Do    not use          P.O Box            No                                                FIRM       I.D     NO
                              401     CITY LINE               AVE SUITE 220
                                                                                      No    and    Street

                              BALA           CYNWYD                                                PA                                                              19004

                              City                                                                State                                                           Zip    Code

NAME AND TELEPHONE                      NUMBER           OF PERSON TO CONTACT                                        IN    REGARD           TO        THIS   REPORT
BRIAN SULLIVAN                                                                                                                                                      610-617-2635

                                                                                                                                                                    Area      Code     Telephone      Number

                                                         ACCOUNTANT IDENTIFICATION

INDEPENDENT PUBLIC                     ACCOUNTANT                whose        opinion      is   contained                 in this    Report

                                                                   Name         if   individual        state    last first middle           name

         75OTHIRDAVENUE                                                       NEWYORK                                                                    NY                                10017

        Address                                                               City                                                                      State                              Zip     Code

              El    Certified Public         Accountant

                    Public     Accountant

                    Accountant        not resident       in   United     States or any            of    its    possessions

                                                                   FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

Clajms for exemption           from    the   requirement        that   the   annual       report       be covered             by    the   opinion         of an   independent        public      accountant

must   be supported      by     statement      offacts    and circumstances               relied       on      as     the   basis for     the         exemption      See     Section    240.1      7a-5e2

                                             Potential  persons who are to respond       to the collection  of
                                             information  contained in this form are not required to respond
   SEC     1410     06-02                    unless the form displays   currently valid 0MB control number

                                                                          OATH OR AFFIRMATION

             BRIAN    SULLIVAN
                                                                                                                                                swear     or affirm        that    to    the best of

my    knowledge         and    belief the        accompanying            financial       statement         and     supporting        schedules          pertaining   to    the firm of

      SIG    BROKERAGE              LP

of          DECEMBER               31
                                                                                             20_12                  are    true    and    correct         further swear           or affirm        that

neither      the   company          nor any       partner      proprietor         principal    officer        or   director        has          proprietary     interest     in           account
                                                                                                                                          any                                      any

classified     solely as      that       of     customer        except     as    follows

             Facing     Page
IZJ          Statement        of Financial             Condition

             Statement        of    Income       Loss
             Statement        of    Changes        in    Financial     Condition
             Statement        of    Changes        in    Stockholders           Equity     or Partners           or Sole      Proprietors         Capital

             Statement        of   Changes         in    Liabilities     Subordinated         to    Claims of Creditors

             Computation            of    Net Capital

             Computation            for    Determination          of Reserve         Requirements             Pursuant        to   Rule     15c3-3
             Information           Relating       to    the Possession          or Control     Requirements               Under      Rule       15c3-3

               Reconciliation                 including     appropriate         explanation        of the     Computation            of   Net Capital       Under Rule       15c3-l        and the

             Computation            for    Determination          of the Reserve           Requirements             Under         Exhibit         of Rule    15c3-3
               Reconciliation                 between the audited and              unaudited         Statements           of Financial          Condition     with   respect       to    methods of

             An Oath      or Affirmation

               copy of the SIPC                 Supplemental           Report
               report    describing            any material       inadequacies        found        to exist   or found        to   have existed since the date ofthe                    previous    audit

For conditions            of confidential               treatment      of certain portions            of   this    filing     see section         240.1    7a-5e3

              limited partnership


            DECEMBER      31 2012

 ACCOU4TANTS           ADVISORS                                                                                                                                                                                                             212949.8700

         INDEPENDENT AUDITORS                                                   REPORT

         To    the   Partners

         SIG     Brokerage              LP

         Report        on the Statement                        of    Financial Condition

         We      have       audited                the      accompanying                      statement                of    financial                 condition            of    SIG          Brokerage                       LP      as     of

         December 31 2012                            that     is   filed        pursuant             to    Rule       17a-5           under         the       Securities          Exchange Act of 1934                                      and
         the    related     notes            to    this    financial            statement

         Managements                    Responsibility                     for     the Statement                       of Financial Condition

         Management                is
                                             responsible              for        the      preparation                  and        fair           presentation               of    this      financial                statement                in

         accordance             with         accounting             principles             generally                 accepted               in   the     United          States        of      America               this        includes

         the     design          implementation                      and          maintenance                    of     internal              control          relevant          to    the                                       and        fair
         presentation            of the            statement         of financial               condition             that       is   free        from material              misstatement                      whether              due      to

         fraud    or error

         Auditors Responsibility

         Our     responsibility               is    to    express          an     opinion            on       this   financial              statement            based           on    our audit                We             conducted
         our     audit     in    accordance                  with      auditing               standards                                                             in   the      United             States              of     America
                                                                                                                      generally                  accepted
         Those standards                      require         that         we      plan         and           perform         the           audit        to    obtain        reasonable                   assurance                    about
         whether         the financial               statement             is   free     from material                  misstatement

         An    audit     involves             performing             procedures                    to     obtain       audit          evidence                about      the     amounts                 and    disclosures                  in

         the     statement          of        financial             condition                   The           procedures                   selected            depend            on      the        auditors                   judgment
         including        the    assessment                   of the        risks        of material                 misstatement                   of the       financial            statement                whether              due      to

         fraud     or error             In    making           those            risk    assessments                     the       auditor              considers          internal          control            relevant             to      the

         entitys       preparation                 and      fair    presentation                   of the        statement                  of    financial         condition             in   order           to    design              audit

         procedures that are appropriate                                   in    the     circumstances                       but       not       for    the    purpose           of    expressing                   an     opinion          on
         the   effectiveness                 of the        entitys         internal           control            Accordingly                      we     express          no      such         opinion              An         audit     also

         includes        evaluating                the    appropriateness                     of     accounting              policies              used       and     the      reasonableness                        of significant

         accounting             estimates                 made       by         management                       as     well          as         evaluating           the        overall            presentation                    of      the

         financial       statement

         We     believe     that        the        audit      evidence             we      have            obtained          is sufficient                and       appropriate                to    provide                    basis       for

         our audit opinion


         In    our opinion              the         statement              of     financial               condition          referred               to    above          presents              fairly          in        all     material

         respects         the     financial               position          of     SIG          Brokerage                   LP        as      of    December 31 2012                                in    accordance                     with

         accounting        principles                generally         accepted                 in      the    United        States of              America

         New York New York
         February 112013

                                                     New     York           New        Jersey             Pernsyvana                       Cahfornia            Cayman           slands

                                                               EisnerAmperis             an     ndependent            member          of   PKF                        limited

SIG   BROKERAGE                       LP

Statement            of    Financial Condition

December             31    2012

  Cash                                                                                  3056
  Receivable              from clearing         broker                              2156211
  Receivable              from    affiliate                                           193843
  Other asset                                                                           4583

         Total        assets                                                        2357693

LIABILITIES               AND PARTNERS                 CAPITAL

      Accrued             transaction         and   execution   charges   payable    191197
      Accrued             expenses                                                    29987

         Total        liabilities                                                    221184

  Partners           capital                                                        2136509

        Total         liabilities    and       partners capital                     2357.693

See notes       to    statement         of financial      condition

 Sb       BROKERAGE                               LP

 Notes       to     Statement                   of Financial Condition
 December                31        2012


SIG      Brokerage                  LP the Entity                     is         broker-dealer                 registered            with       the     Securities           and     Exchange Commission the
SEC             and          its
                                    designated                examining                regulatory             authority         is    the        Financial           Industry        Regulatory Authority The
Entity     is      also             member             of     NYSE          Euronext               the        NYSE                  The     Entity       provides            order      execution             services        for    an
affiliated         registered               broker-dealer                  on    the      NYSE           and        NYSE Amex The                         Entity        is    owned         99%       by SIG         Specialists

Holdings                Inc the            Parent             and     1%        by SIG Brokerage                      LLC

NOTE               SIGNIFICANT                  ACCOUNTING                 POLICIES

The      Entity records                    commission               revenue            and         related      expenses              on         trade-date           basis

Interest        income              is    recorded on               the accrual               basis

The     Entity          maintains               cash     in   bank         accounts            which          at   times        may exceed                federally           insured       limits

This     financial             statement               has      been        prepared                in   conformity             with       accounting               principles          generally                             in    the
United       States            of   America which                    require           the     use       of   estimates             by management

NOTE              RECEIVABLE                    FROM CLEARING                    BROKER

The     clearing             and         depository           operations               are    provided             by     Merrill     Lynch        Professional               Clearing       Corp

At    December                     31 2012             the      amount             receivable                 from                          broker        reflected           on      the    statement              of   financial
condition          represents                amounts            due        from        this    clearing         broker

NOTE              RELATED                 PARTY TRANSACTIONS

The      Entity         executes                trades        for    an     affiliated             broker-dealer               for    which        it    receives            commissions              based         on   monthly
costs     of       electronic               communication                       network            charges              and    membership fees                        billed       by      the     NYSE         plus          small

surcharge to cover                         other       costs         As     of    December 31 2012                             the affiliate owed                   the      Entity     $193843           related        to   these

The     Entity          is   under         common              control          with     Susquehanna                      International            Group            LLP      SIG            SIG      acts      as        common
payment           agent            for    the                 and     various                                      various          direct operating
                                                 Entity                                 affiliates        for                                                       expenses

Because           of     its   short-term              nature         the       fair    value of the receivable                        from       affiliate         approximates             its    carrying        amount

The     Entity          and        various         other       entities          are      under          common               ownership            and        control         As           result      management                  can
exercise          its    discretion             when determining which                               entity        will    engage          in   new      or current           business           activities     and/or trade
new products                       Therefore             the    financial              position          presented            herein        may         not    necessarily            be    indicative         of that        which
would     be obtained                     had    the     Entity       operated                autonomously

NOTE              INCOME            TAXES

No    provision              for    federal        income            taxes        has         been       made           because            the    Entity       is
                                                                                                                                                                        partnership              and     therefore            is    not

subject      to    federal               income        taxes         The        Entity        is
                                                                                                   currently            not subject         to state          or    local     income        taxes

SIG      BROKERAGE                           LP

Notes      to    Statement              of    Financial Condition
December              31        2012

NOTE            INcoME           TAxEs CONTINUED

At   December 31 2012                        management has             determined that           there    are no    material       uncertain    income     tax    positions

The    Entity     is       no    longer      subject     to federal   state or      local   tax    examinations                        authorities          tax
                                                                                                                         by taxing                   for          years before
2009 and         presently             has    no open         examinations

NOTE            NET CAPITAL               REQUIREMENT

As       registered             broker-dealer           and    member    firm of the     NYSE        the   Entity   is
                                                                                                                         subject    to the     Uniform     Net    Capital   Rule
15c3-1     of the          SEC         The    Entity     computes     its   net   capital   under    the basic      method         permitted     by Rule     15c3-1 which
requires        the    maintenance                of   minimum net      capital of      6-2/3%       of    aggregate       indebtedness          as defined        or   $5000
whichever             is   greater           At December      31 2012             the   Entity      had net                 of   $1938083          which     exceeded          its

requirement                of   $14746         by      $1923337

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